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Basic knowledge of the resistor

date posted:2015-12-22 15:15:20


Basic knowledge of the resistor



Resistor is one of the most widely used in circuit components, accounts for about 30% of the total number of components in electronic equipment, its quality has great influence on the stability of the circuit work. Its main purpose is to stability and regulating circuit of current and voltage, the second is used as the shunt voltage divider and load.




In resistor has a fixed resistor is commonly used in electronic circuit and potentiometer, according to different materials and process, fixed resistor can be divided into: membrane type resistance (RT carbon membrane, metal film RJ, RH and synthetic membrane oxidation membrane RY), solid core resistance (organic and inorganic RS (RN), metal wire wound resistor (RX), special resistance (MG type photosensitive resistance, MF type thermistor) four.


Carbon film resistor


Gaseous hydrocarbons in high temperature and vacuum decomposition, carbon deposition on the ceramic rods or porcelain tube, forming a layer of carbon membrane. Change the carbon film thickness and use the method of grooving changes the length of the carbon film, can get different resistance. Lower cost of carbon film resistor, general performance.


Metal film resistor


In a vacuum heating alloy, alloy evaporation, make porcelain rod surface to form a layer of conductive metal film. Grooving and change the thickness of the metal film can control resistance. Compared to the resistance and the carbon film resistor, small volume, low noise, good stability, but the cost is higher.


The carbon resistance


The carbon black, resin and clay mixture suppressing after heat treatment. On the resistance of coloring ring said its resistance. The resistance of low cost, wide range of resistance, but poor performance, is very small.


Wire wound resistors


With constantan or nickel-chromium alloy resistance wire, around on a ceramic scaffold. This kind of fixed and variable resistance points two kinds. Its characteristic is stable, heat resistant performance is good, small error range, suitable for high power, rated power generally in more than one tile.


Carbon film potentiometer


Coated with a layer of carbon membrane. Among its resistance changes and the relationship between the contact position line and logarithm model and exponential 3 kinds. Carbon film potentiometer has several, large and small, miniature and switch together with switch potentiometer.


Wire-wound potentiometer


On the slide bar on the carbon film sliding resistance to change. This convenient adjustment potentiometer. Made of resistance wire on the ring frame around. It is the characteristics of small resistance value range, power is larger.


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